As a graduate of the University of Calgary, wherever my life may take me, I will use my knowledge, experience and skills to the best of my ability for the well-being of my communities and for the advancement of learning and the public good.

I will conduct myself with honesty and integrity, taking responsibility for my actions and respecting the rights, opinions and dignity of all peoples.

I will maintain my competency and keep abreast of developments in my chosen fields.

I will strive to better my communities through good citizenship and active participation.

I will be a loyal ambassador for my university and will seek to promote its welfare and maintain its reputation.

I will honour all who have shared their knowledge with me and will in my turn share my knowledge and experience with those who enter my field or come under my direction.

In all my dealings, I will endeavour to be known as a person of honour and repute, ever seeking to earn the peace of good conscience.

This is my pledge.

The UCalgary Graduation Pledge

As a Computer Science alumnus of the University of Calgary (B.Sc.’04), I’ve chosen to volunteer with them in various capacities as a way to give back to my alma mater to thank them for all of the opportunities I was given during my time as an undergraduate student that I had not appreciated at the time while I was there, but see the value in from where I am standing now. UCalgary and Stampede are the two main organizations I now support with my free time.

Currently, I volunteer in a variety of opportunities geared towards alumni of UCalgary:

  • General event volunteer for University of Calgary Alumni.
  • Member of the UCalgary Alumni Weekend subcommittee of the University of Calgary Alumni Association Board acting in an advisory capacity as one of the voices representing the 180,000+ members of the UCAA ensuring that all of our alumni have their say in Alumni Weekend programming and direction.
  • Mentor in the University of Calgary Faculty of Science’s Alumni Mentorship Program, pairing UCalgary Science Alumni mentors with final-year undergraduate student mentees to help them ease the transition from schooling to the workforce (or whatever their post-undergraduate plans may entail).
  • Member of the UCalgary Faculty of Science’s IDEAS Fund adjudication committee as the Science Alumni representative, a fund that aims to give undergraduate students partial funding to take advantage of any kind of experiential learning activity outside of the classroom that will help develop them to become better leaders and scientists, as well as to help promote and push the scientific agenda in the public eye.

Of all of the things I wish were available when I was in their position either in school or just about to come out of it but were not (ex. a formal mentorship program, funding for experiences outside of my degree, etc.), I want to ensure that in this stage of my life, I can play a part in creating some of those things that were missing for me so that they are or will be there for them now instead.

What all of these roles that I have taken on have in common are opportunities for me to share the knowledge that I have gained in the 15+ years since I completed my undergraduate degree with those just coming out of school themselves.

I feel like this sort of work is the best way for me to say goodbye to everything I’ve managed to accomplish on my own up to this point and transition to the next phase of wherever my life may take me.

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