The Great Robot Project

Hi and welcome! I bet you're wondering what this great, secret, robot project is all about. Well, I'll tell you. I made this page to document the progress of my final group project in my Network and Systems Administration course (CPSC 550 at the University of Calgary if you're curious, and yes it IS worth taking!) in 2004, which was to build a Robot (A Robot, you may ask? What does that have to do with Computer Science (much less a SysAdmin course)? Well, read on and find out!).

Even though we knew that we had a final project due at the beginning of the year, it wasn't until halfway through the course that we decided exactly what we wanted to do (and it wasn't until about a month and a half before the deadline that things really came together!). So this is what we were able to come up with in a very short amount of time, and I think that it's pretty spectacular considering the time crunch. It was also a great way to cap off our education as we were able to use all of the knowledge we had gained through out our Undergraduate careers to complete this project.

To the left of the page, you'll see a bunch of links. The Project pages detail the entire construction of our robot. At the end of the project, our group had to submit a Final Report which talked about some of the more technical details about the project (my role in coding, implementation, rationale, etc), which you can read all about if you wish.

Now Onwards!

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