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The Calgary Herald’s Q. Blog was an online community where young Calgarians discussed what mattered most to them. It was a group blog, consisting of 20-somethings and 30-somethings from all walks of life, offering non-establishment opinions on the news, politics, entertainment, sports and life in Calgary. It was based off a similar program from a Seattle newspaper and complimented the in-print Q: Queries, Quibbles, Quirks section where other OP/ED columns were run.

This page will act as an online archive of all the pieces that I had written, since most of the work disappeared when Canwest entered bankruptcy protection in 2009 and sold off the newspaper arm to a group of creditors, ultimately forming what’s known as the Postmedia Network today.

While most of the things I wrote were online exclusives, some of the pieces were teased in print afterwards. Those that were are noted below with links to scans of those issues on the Calgary Herald Online Archives via ProQuest.

NOTE: Links to PressReader or ProQuest are subscription based and may require an account to access their services. Check your local library to see if they may have made arrangements with these services for free access for those in the communities they serve. If you’re in the Calgary area, you can access the entire Calgary Herald online archive via the Calgary Public Library with a valid CPL card (which is now free!) or at any CPL location using their internet connection (as access to these resources are also IP based).

Q. Archive

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