I once made a Mini-M.A.L.P. before M.A.L.P.s were mainstream…

Here are links to web pages and micro sites that I’ve made over the years for the various projects I’ve worked on either professionally or academically:

  • The Robot Project – The final project of my Systems and Network Administration course (CPSC 550 at the University of Calgary) challenged us to create a functional robot in less than a month. Did we succeed? Why not read on and find out?
  • The Manchester Machines – The webpage I made for my History of Computation course (CPSC 509, again at UCalgary). What was so special about these machines was that they were the first to implement the stored program concept for computing (i.e. machines you could store programs on prior to running, instead of booting them up clean and then loading a program).
  • Mishima 2001 – A site I had to make as part of a project in my JPNS 341 course. Made using a really old version of Netscape Composer. Yes, it’s that old. And yes, we had no mad web skillz at the time.
  • My GitHub Profile – Occasionally, I’ve dabbled in some open-source projects. My contributions are here. Fun Fact: I even took up some Palm OS software development for a while there…in 2016!

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