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Some people like to collect press clippings of themselves whenever they appear in the newspaper or whatnot. I do too, but only to remind myself later on about the things that I’ve done. It’s not the sort of thing I would normally show off to people!

Unfortunately, my collection of paper clippings has long since been lost or damaged, so this page will collect anything about me that’s ever been published digitally by someone else who was not me (that I still have access to in 2018 and onward; alas, the various TV/Radio interviews I’ve done in the past are probably now buried deep in the annals of the Internet never to see the light of day again) so I can one day tell my grandkids all about the cool stuff I’ve done in my life.

NOTE: Links to, PressReader or ProQuest are subscription based and may require an account to access their services. Check your local library to see if they may have made arrangements with these services for free access for those in the communities they serve. If you’re in the Calgary area, the Calgary Public Library has arrangements with PressReader and ProQuest.

My appearances:

The above list is not complete, though. I definitely remember some other articles and stories that I’ve given interviews for (that might still be available in places like the Wayback Machine but alas, that thing isn’t easily searchable), and it doesn’t account for all the various places where my photos have been credited (especially my Flickr photos; I’m looking at you, Buzzfeed!) or news stories that I’ve helped facilitate (but did not directly participate in via interview) in some of my past work as a Media Relations guy for various organizations either.

Here’s a gallery of the press/print clippings that I do have access to:

And as a volunteer, sometimes my name appears in various Annual Community Reports if I’ve taken on a more larger role than usual. For fun, here are the ones I’ve been able to dig up:

Finally, for completeness sake here’s some of the stuff that I’ve written for various third parties under my own byline:

I’ll be adding to the list as I rediscover older stories (or maybe even create some new ones in the future??) too.

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