2016 Best Food on the Midway winners: your eating guide for Final Sunday

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The Best BBQ on the Stampede Midway award went to Boss Hogs BBQ for their BBQ Pork Ribs. Perfect for sharing, they’ve won multiple awards across Canada for their take on this summer classic and now they’ve won in Calgary too. Check them out at the Triple B.

Best alternative eat for 2016: Crazy Cones for their Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich  Does vanilla ice cream smothered in apple pie filling and caramel sauce encased in a crispy cinnamon sugar crisp sound intriguing? Then you need to try the Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich by Crazy Cones. This cool, refreshing and lactose-free dish won Best Alternative Eat on the Stampede Midway. Find it just outside the Big Four Building.

Best Deep Fried 2016 goes to Canadian Beaver Balls Gourmet Doughnut Holes Stampede is a time to indulge and where the calories don’t count. That’s why you need to check out the Canadian Beaver Balls Gourmet Doughnut Holes booth which won Best Deep Fried on the Stampede Midway this year. Deep fried little dough balls are cooked to golden perfection with a variety of toppings, all for a reasonable price.

Best International Goes to Waffles & Chix for their Signature Dish: The Waffles & Chix! A fusion of Southern US tradition with some Canadian sophistication, Waffles & Chix’s signature dish combines southern fried chicken on a Belgian waffle with white gravy and maple syrup in a partnership that would make fans of the current bromance between the leaders of our two nations jealous (and hungry!). That’s why the “Waffles & Chix” won Best International on the Stampede Midway.

2016 Best food on a stick No Stampede Foodie adventure is complete without having something on a stick. From corn dogs to candy apples, foods on sticks are a Stampede staple. This year, the Frosted Flakes Chicken on a Stick by Chicken Tenders won Best Food on a Stick.

2016 Best sweet treat If you’re looking for something to wash down your Frosted Flakes chicken, try the Pineapple Whip Float from Summerland Soft Serve. This fat-free delight won Best Sweet Treat this year.

2016 Best pizza Ideas are like pizza dough: made to be tossed around. Know what else is a good idea? Hitting one of the Rick’s Pizza booths around Stampede Park and trying one of their slices. Derek Wiggan and Frank Beltre from the Calgary Stampeders helped our Midway food judges choose them as having the Best Pizza on the Stampede Midway.

Best Between Buns 2016 goes to R&R Bratwurst for their Bison Bratwurst R&R Bratwurst is a staple of the Stampede Midway. Located near the BMO Centre, all of their meat products are chemical and preservative free and are naturally smoked. Winner of Best International 2014, our Midway food judges for this year have awarded their Bison Bratwurst as the Best Between Buns 2016. Don’t forget the sauerkraut and onions!

Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse wins Best Fair Fusion Some foods are so far out there that they boggle the mind. Others take established ideas but implement them with a twist. Best Fair Fusion goes to Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse for their Smoked Chicken and Waffles dish, where instead of using the traditional Belgian-style waffle, their chicken is served in a freshly made waffle cone. With three choices of sauces, this is a savoury dish that you won’t want to miss.

Family Squeezed Lemonade is now a two-time Best Beverage winner! Winner of Best Beverage 2014 for their Mint Mojito, Family Squeezed does it again as they were voted as Best Beverage 2016, this time for their Cantaloupe Lemonade. A new food for Stampede 2016, this beverage features freshly pressed cantaloupe and lemons mixed with lemonade and a bit of sugar. It’s the perfect drink, period.

Best Value on the Stampede Midway goes to Wrap Daddy’s Winner of Best New Food in 2014 for their Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap, all of the wraps at Wrap Daddy’s are good value as they sport large portions that are ideal for sharing (or not, if you’re really hungry), and can all be made gluten free for a nominal fee. That’s why Wrap Daddy’s wraps were awarded Best Value on the Stampede Midway. Be sure to try their Vegetarian Wrap, which features a meatless protein that can fool any carnivores out there.