Lane Shordee’s Hello Neighbour exhibit is a re-invention of Alberta history

AF-Calgary’s March 2012 Top4 Finalist and local artist Lane Shordee’s first solo exhibition Hello Neighbour! is currently on display and open to the public at the Pith Gallery & Studios in Inglewood.

A self-professed scavenger, the inspiration for this particular project came from the fact that the house and garage that he was living in at the time was also used to create horse-drawn carriages 100 years ago.

While Lane did not win the Awesome Calgary March 2012 prize for Hello Neighbour!, he chose to execute on his idea regardless, which is something we always love to see.

His original idea was to create a functioning horse-drawn carriage out of scraps that he scavenged from dumpsters, alleyways and other places, and build it in his own garage to be exhibited elsewhere for the public later on.

While the handmade carriage, which was originally created in his workshop, then was dismantled and re-assembled at the gallery, is the flagship piece in the exhibition, he expanded the exhibition to include a homemade shotgun as well as other interpretations of items and tools found during that time in history plus other paintings and sculptures, all created from scavenged materials or materials left over from creating the carriage.  Videos detailing the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the carriage will also be on display during showings.

If you’d like to check out Lane’s creations and re-inventions, his Hello Neighbour! exhibit runs until July 17 at the Pith Gallery & Studios (1018 – 9 Avenue SW) in Inglewood.  The gallery is open on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. and by special appointment.

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  • WhatHello Neighbour! exhibit by March 2012 AF-Calgary Top4 Finalist Lane Shordee
  • WherePith Gallery & Studios (1018 – 9 Avenue SW)
  • When:  Runs June 1 – July 17, 2012.  Gallery open Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. or by special appointment

To learn more about how Lane’s project came to fruition, check out these articles by FFWD Weekly and the Calgary Herald.

And a reminder:  We’re still accepting submissions for the July 2012 prize.  If you have an Awesome Idea that you’d like to submit to AF-Calgary for consideration, fill out this handy-dandy web form! The deadline for submissions for the July AF-Calgary prize is Tuesday, July 10 at 11:59 p.m.