Mini-Horse Chucks!

Today I went and caught the Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Races (or Mini-horse Chucks for short, I think) at the Big Top for the first time ever. I actually meant to catch this at last year’s Stampede, but only managed to catch the last five minutes or so of the event and didn’t really get a chance to see a race in action.

I wouldn’t say I’m a Chuckwagon Race fan, although I enjoy watching the event. However, I have to say that I am NOW a fan of the Mini-horse Chucks for the simple fact that it’s fast, easy to follow, and fun to watch those miniature horses run around.

Here’s some video I shot at the event using my Canon Powershot A540:

My favourite part is when the mini-horses are rounding the corner so fast that it makes the wagon drift. Hilarious!

It’s only scheduled to run again tomorrow, so if you miss out on it, make sure you catch it next year. I know I will!