Stampede is TODAY!

Stampede started today, and so I headed down to the grounds to check it out.

While there, I tried out the deep-fried jelly bean, one of the many new “food” items at this year’s Stampede. I’ll probably do a piece on it some time this week for the official Calgary Stampede blog (hopefully, it’ll be a part of a series of video blogs, if the stars are aligned), so I’ll save that for later.

I really wanted to come down to see some Team Penning in action. To illustrate how it works exactly, here’s some video I shot of a run during today’s proceedings using my Canon Powershot A540:

Pretty cool, huh? It’ll be running from today until Monday at the Saddledome, so if you’re going to be on Park during those days, why don’t you check it out? The best part is that you can sit virtually anywhere in the lower or upper bowls of the Saddledome for FREE. For this video, I’m sitting in the cushy club seats in the lower bowl, which can retail for anywhere between $200-300 for a Calgary Flames game. That’s probably something I wouldn’t be able to do too often during the regular season.