Countdown to Destruction

So everyone at work pretty much knows what I do. Here’s a quick snippet:

Operations & logistics, office coordination, human resources, supply chain management, marketing, technical writing & documentation, business development, product enhancements & refinement, software development, system and network administration, technical support, customer service, Magic & Miracles.

Just to name a few.

So let’s just say that there may be something coming down on the horizon that may require me to put on the ol’ SysAdmin hat again.

Looks like I’m going to have to re-teach myself all about DNS, Firewalls, Network Security, Mail, and probably a whole whack of other stuff all in just a day. Fun times, especially since I haven’t touched that stuff in over a year.

‘Cuz, it isn’t like I have anything else better to do.

Nope. Nothing at all.


Now, where was that magic wand again?

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