“I don’t want a command…never did”

I missed last season’s finale due to those HTPC/TV problems I mentioned a while back, but I read enough about what happened. I swear, that guy that does all the jump calculations (keep forgetting his name) is a Cylon. He’s got to be. I mean come on, he’s in a prime position to advance the Cylon agenda and he’s the nitwit who came up with the idea to network the computers, even though it was because of Adama’s refusal to do so which allowed them to survive the initial assault.

Galactica is just as good as it ever was back in Season 1. Not much has changed and you’d never know that they went on hiatus for months. The Gaius storyline is beginning to annoy me though as one thing that got boring for me fast back in S1 was all the converstations he had in his head. I think they went too many times to the well on that one. This show also has too many references to the Old Testament for my taste. Still, it’s an interesting source to pull inspiration from. Interesting how man and machine can actually have a child.

Anyways, not much to say except that Galactica is still going strong. Even though the President only has six months to live, it’s only been 60 or so days since the Cylons invaded, so at that pace, I’m sure the President would live at least through 5 seasons. Hopefully, Galactica will still be strong through 5 seasons as well.

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