“So that’s the way it’s gonna be, huh?”

The Siege, Part 3 wasn’t too bad. It made a good follow up to last season’s finale, but I didn’t find it that exciting. There were a lot of comedic moments which kind of worries me. I really enjoyed the darkness that was present last season, and I hope they don’t compromise on that in order to bring more comedy.

I really enjoyed seeing the Daedulus in action; I don’t know what it is, but it seems much more competant than the Prometheus back on Earth. Probably because it kicked a lot of Wraith @$$. Which leads me to another observation: I think Atlantis sets the record for the number of nukes used in a Sci-Fi show. It was nice to see Skinner again too.

Not sure how I feel about the Lt. Ford storyline though. It felt kind of rushed and even though his character wasn’t really developed last season, it kind of sucks that he had to leave since out of all of them, he seemed the most normal. I personally thought he made a good balance to McKay and Dr. Beckett, who’re always on the fringe. We’ll have to see how Ford’s storyline plays out.

Speaking of McKay, he’s still a hoot. The scene where he’s facing down the Wraith (and where my quote above comes from) was priceless. You could totally see something like that happening to the poor guy, even though realistically, the Wraith would probably have fed on him quickly. I don’t know if David Hewlett has any connections to the country’s flag he wears on his arm on the show, but if he doesn’t, then he’s really got me fooled.

One thing that I dislike about the American broadcast of Atlantis (and SG-1) is that Sci-Fi decided to cut the opening credits down to 10 seconds in order to fit in more commercials. While I can understand that they’d like to capitalize on the huge popularity of the shows, I think it’s a damn shame since the opening themes really set the mood for the show. Not everyone skips the opening credits, you know. I really enjoyed the Atlantis theme too. Listining to the Season 2 opener, one has to wonder why they even bother with an opening sequence. Here’s hoping the Canadian and UK broadcasts keep complete credits.

Anyways, looking forward to the rest of the season, although I’m a little worried about it not being as dark as the first. I really want to see some follow up to the Genii, whom the Atlantians have essentially made not only their enemies, but a nuclear power as well. In fact, I hope the Atlantians take the Daedalus and blow the whole damn planet up; fits in with my current mood these days.

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