“I don’t want a command…never did”

I missed last season’s finale due to those HTPC/TV problems I mentioned a while back, but I read enough about what happened. I swear, that guy that does all the jump calculations (keep forgetting his name) is a Cylon. He’s got to be. I mean come on, he’s in a prime position to advance the Cylon agenda and he’s the nitwit who came up with the idea to network the computers, even though it was because of Adama’s refusal to do so which allowed them to survive the initial assault.

Galactica is just as good as it ever was back in Season 1. Not much has changed and you’d never know that they went on hiatus for months. The Gaius storyline is beginning to annoy me though as one thing that got boring for me fast back in S1 was all the converstations he had in his head. I think they went too many times to the well on that one. This show also has too many references to the Old Testament for my taste. Still, it’s an interesting source to pull inspiration from. Interesting how man and machine can actually have a child.

Anyways, not much to say except that Galactica is still going strong. Even though the President only has six months to live, it’s only been 60 or so days since the Cylons invaded, so at that pace, I’m sure the President would live at least through 5 seasons. Hopefully, Galactica will still be strong through 5 seasons as well.

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“So that’s the way it’s gonna be, huh?”

The Siege, Part 3 wasn’t too bad. It made a good follow up to last season’s finale, but I didn’t find it that exciting. There were a lot of comedic moments which kind of worries me. I really enjoyed the darkness that was present last season, and I hope they don’t compromise on that in order to bring more comedy.

I really enjoyed seeing the Daedulus in action; I don’t know what it is, but it seems much more competant than the Prometheus back on Earth. Probably because it kicked a lot of Wraith @$$. Which leads me to another observation: I think Atlantis sets the record for the number of nukes used in a Sci-Fi show. It was nice to see Skinner again too.

Not sure how I feel about the Lt. Ford storyline though. It felt kind of rushed and even though his character wasn’t really developed last season, it kind of sucks that he had to leave since out of all of them, he seemed the most normal. I personally thought he made a good balance to McKay and Dr. Beckett, who’re always on the fringe. We’ll have to see how Ford’s storyline plays out.

Speaking of McKay, he’s still a hoot. The scene where he’s facing down the Wraith (and where my quote above comes from) was priceless. You could totally see something like that happening to the poor guy, even though realistically, the Wraith would probably have fed on him quickly. I don’t know if David Hewlett has any connections to the country’s flag he wears on his arm on the show, but if he doesn’t, then he’s really got me fooled.

One thing that I dislike about the American broadcast of Atlantis (and SG-1) is that Sci-Fi decided to cut the opening credits down to 10 seconds in order to fit in more commercials. While I can understand that they’d like to capitalize on the huge popularity of the shows, I think it’s a damn shame since the opening themes really set the mood for the show. Not everyone skips the opening credits, you know. I really enjoyed the Atlantis theme too. Listining to the Season 2 opener, one has to wonder why they even bother with an opening sequence. Here’s hoping the Canadian and UK broadcasts keep complete credits.

Anyways, looking forward to the rest of the season, although I’m a little worried about it not being as dark as the first. I really want to see some follow up to the Genii, whom the Atlantians have essentially made not only their enemies, but a nuclear power as well. In fact, I hope the Atlantians take the Daedalus and blow the whole damn planet up; fits in with my current mood these days.

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“Right now, it’s still kinda SG-me”

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while now. Not only did Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince come out (OMFG!!! I never saw the ending coming…), but this was also the weekend that Stargate SG-1 Season 9, Stargate Atlantis Season 2 and Battlestar Galactica Season 2 premiered. And all I have to say is WOW! Looks like I’ve got something to look forward to for the next few months.

Since I tend to be a little wordy, I guess I’ll break this up into pieces over the next few days. Good thing too as it’ll give me something to talk about for a few days at least. I’ll probably talk about HBP last, to give those of you a chance to finish reading it if you haven’t already (trust me, you don’t want the ending or anything else spoiled for you; you’ll definitely regret it if you do).

So, I guess I’ll start with the SG-1 premiere, Avalon, Part I.

Even though this is Season Nine, Avalon is like a whole new begining. Since RDA wanted to leave the show in order to spend more time with his family, they had to resolve a whole lot of plot threads in S8. This left the door wide open for new possibilities character, story and plot wise.

This episode introduced Ben Browder (best known for his role as Crichton on Farscape) as Col. Cameron Mitchell and brought back fellow Farscape member Claudia Black as Vala. I liked how the writers ret-conned Mitchell’s character as the one who led the fight defending SG-1 in Antarctica against Anubis’ forces two years ago. It was very clever. At the same time, Mitchell has that wide eyed, childlike look about all things Stargate and he really infuses some fresh blood into the exploration aspect of the show that has kind of gone stale after the last few years. It was sad watching him as he realized that even though he worked so hard to join SG-1, no one was left. Gee, I wonder where I’ve seen something like that happen before.

The interaction between Vala and Daniel is every bit as good as in Prometheus Unbound. That Vala really likes to make life hard for old Danny-boy. Watching Vala and Mitchell interact was interesting too. It was very tongue-in-cheek, and I think that the writers wanted to limit their interaction in order to ensure that this didn’t become another episode of Farscape. I think I caught at least two (maybe three) Farscape references though. I liked the nod to the fans though, who think that Shanks and Browder look alike (Vala’s comment of Earth’s limited gene pool).

It’s interesting how they’re going back to exploring different mythologies. This week, it’s all about Merlin and Arthurian mythology and how Merin might not have been Merlin but a friend of the Ancients. I’m hoping they’ll cover Celtic and Norse mytholgies more in the future too.

Anyways, I don’t have much more to say about SG-1 except that I’m really enjoying the new direction and I can totally see the show continuing for at least four more years.

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What have you done to me? Why do I feel like this? Why won’t these thoughts leave my head? Will I ever be normal again?

I want to go get drunk.

Hockey’s Back


Although I’m not really sure I care at this point. Hmm. I’d wear my Flames jersey to work today to celebrate, except that we’ve got some high profile clients coming in for a demo today and that wouldn’t be appropriate. grumble….

Just When You Think You’ve Figured Everything Out…

First off, I want to say “Congratulations!” to my cousin Jason, who got married a few days ago in BC. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the Wedding due to the aformentioned job I finally managed to find, so this is the best I can do and I hope that they’ll forgive me.

Today was a really beautiful day. Just my temperature too. Low 20s, nice cool breeze, low mosquito count (I’ve been bitten five times on my right pinky finger; the damn thing was as thick as my thumb for the past week or so and itchy as hell) that all I wanted to do all day was walk around and enjoy the nice day.

Since it was really nice, I began to feel a little nostalgic. As I was walking, I decided to reflect on my life and of the past. Of choices made and where life is leading me. One of these thoughts were of all the people I’ve met over the years, especially of friends whom I’ve never really kept in contact with but grew up with all the same.

So as I got home, on a whim, I decided to visit good old Classmates.com. I remember shortly after I graduated high school back in 1999 (Father Lacombe, if you must know), I created an account and filled out a profile because that was the hip thing to do those days. I haven’t visited it since and figured I check to see what’s gone on the last five years or so.

Now, my graduating class (Class of ’99, how cool is that?) consisted of around 300 members. Of which, only 21 or so of those went directly on to University (my friend Brian actually did a head count during first year when most of us were sitting around in the food court; he’s really organized that way). Now on Classmates.com, about 183 of those people actually registered, which is not a bad turn out. A good hunk of them filled out profiles, so I amused myself for a couple of hours by reading some of them. Now, I know that some of those profiles are outdated (I hadn’t updated mine for about five years) but man, did my view of the world change.

You see, the plan I had for the rest of my life (relationship wise) went something like this.

  • Get married sometime after 30 (maybe earlier, if it’s for love)
  • Have kids no later than 35 (if I’d have them at all)

To me, this sounds like a nice plan. It would hopefully give me enough time to enjoy my youth, to earn my fortune so that I’d be able to provide for my family and those that I care about, and I’d still be young enough to be able to raise children and see them through to adulthood.

So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that a good hunk of the people that I graduated with are now married or have children of their own.

You see, I’m only 23 (going on 24 in September) and I just can’t picture myself with a kid (or two) much less married at this age. I’m just not ready! And yet, some of my friends are one or both, right now. I can only imagine what it must be like having to worry about mouths to feed, paying off loans, mortgages, rent and possibly having to worry about relationship problems that go beyond anything I’ve ever had to deal with. It boggles my mind that they have to deal with that kind of stuff at this age.

It makes me wonder if I’d ever be ready to do such a thing. I wonder if they were ever ready too, or if they were thrust into their situations by force. I’m not sure if I’d ever be ready.

I’ve been told that I need to grow up a little more. Now I’m beginning to think that that may be true, to a certain point. You see, I used to believe that growing up is something that shouldn’t be rushed. It’s not like you wake up one day and decide that you’re all grown up. And I didn’t think that you could force it either because if you did, then you’d spend the rest of your life looking back to the past trying to relive it or wishing things were different in order to make up for all of the things that you missed because you forced yourself to “grow-up”. But now I see that sometimes circumstances can force a person to have to change, regardless of whether or not they want to. And I fear that there is a great cost to that. And now I worry about my friends.

I guess what I’m trying to say (it’s the wee hours of the morning; hard to conjugate) is that I really admire them. To have to deal with issues like that right now, my heart goes out to them. I can only imagine how difficult it must be sometimes, and I know that they must have made a lot of sacrifices along the way, perhaps more than anyone in their early 20s should have to make. And I wonder if I’d be able to do that too.

As for growing up myself, all I can do is live life one day at a time and let things fall where they may. I don’t ever want to be in the position where all I ever do is look back on the past and spend all of my time trying to re-live it or wishing things went differently because I tried to force myself to grow up by making stupid choices that I know are bad but do anyways because people keep telling me “it’s all part of growing up”. Or worse, consciously make those mistakes because I want to and use the “it’s all part of growing up” reason as an excuse to do those things. To me, people who think that way are just plain stupid, possibly the stupidest people on Earth, next to people who do things because of peer-pressure.

Anyways, all this me having to grow up stuff is funny though, because I’ve been told numerous times by my friends on many different occasions in my life that “I shouldn’t change”. So is there any possible way for me to grow up without having to change? I know that I’m still a little naive, but, I have to admit, I like the way I am. I don’t like the state of the world though (which is one of the reasons why I don’t really want kids; I don’t want them to grow up in a world like this one is right now). I doubt there’s an easy answer. I do know that when I look back on my life, I don’t do it often and I rarely do it with regret. So I hope I’m at least doing something right.

Better, Faster, Stronger… we have the technology

Just upgraded to WordPress I think it’s helped me achieve an extra 20 MHz on my overclock! Wheee!

(FYI, if you didn’t know, this message is a discreet attempt to see if I can actually post after performing the upgrade. If you’re reading this, I guess everything’s fine. Whew!)

Happy Canada Day!

In Grade 11, I had the chance to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians. It’s an annual event where youths from across the country come to Ottawa for a week to tour parliment, learn about government, our history and about each other. It was there that I learned to appreciate this country that I live in, learned that not all Senators and MPs are as cynical and corrupt as some may think (although these days, it’s hard to think otherwise) and that some of them truly love this country, that not all Quebecers hate this country (and that some of them think that the rest of the country hates them) and that we, as citizens of this country, have a lot to be proud of.

For example, did you know that the reason that the British forces didn’t fall in the beginning when they were basically fighting World War II by themselves was because of Canadian support? We gave them supplies and troops to hold the line for years, even though countries like the United States refused to help. On a similar note, did you know that even though many of the Allied countries never quite completed their mission objectives, it was the Canadian Forces that came the closest? As a part of that mission, we helped liberate The Netherlands.

Did you know that it was a Canadian (Lester B. Pearson, to be exact) that was responsible for the creation of the UN Peacekeeping forces? That our nation’s love for peace is why there has been Canadian involvement in every single UN Peacekeeping mission since its inception? That Canadian soldiers have faced bombardment and bloodshed for over 30 years, all in the name of peace?

There are many things that us as Canadians should be proud of but I honestly don’t think that we’re aware of either. As we struggle to find ways to escape the shadow of our neighbors to the south, it’d be nice if we could realize that we’ve done plenty in the past that we should recognize and be proud of and instead of trying to escape the shadow of the US, we should let our past deeds stand as testiment to the pride we have in our nation.

Happy Birthday, Canada!